“There is no idea what Brexit really means,” German MEP points out the obvious

David Davies, our esteemed Brexit Minister, has been accused of not really having any idea what Brexit means. This will come as no surprise to many Remain, and, if they are honest with themselves, some Leave voters as well.

Manfred Weber, a German MEP, and Chair of centre-right European People’s Party, made his comments after a meeting with Davis, which didn’t sound vert productive.

Weber was highly critical of the lack of a plan from the UK regarding Brexit, he said: “There is no idea what Brexit really means.

“What we really expect are clear proposals. Today, in my talk with David Davis, unfortunately I have not heard anything new, I have not heard much as to how the British Government wants to tackle Brexit and what Brexit really means. I have not received any new information, quite the opposite is true.

“Today I have been told that the British Government, as far as the economy is concerned, it wants to stay in the single market – but the British Government would also like to continue and have very close co-operation in legal issues.”

But Mr Davis said: “Our view is that we can get an outcome which will be in the interests of the European Union and in the interests of Britain and which will meet the requirements of the referendum. All of those are possible. That’s what the negotiations are about.”

So Davis appears to have inferred that the UK is going to stay in single market, last week Boris Johnson told a Czech reporter that the UK would remain part of the Customs Union, but many others in the Conservative party want a “hard Brexit,” totally separating the UK from existing trade deals. There doesn’t appear to be any cohesive strategy at all.

Additionally Theresa May, yesterday, told business leaders that there was a danger of a “cliff edge” for businesses if Britain left without a new trade deal.

A report has claimed that Brexit wiped off £1.5 trillion from UK household wealth.

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