The only parties that did well in the Local Elections are “unambiguously pro-Remain”

Pro-Remain parties stormed the 2019 Local Elections yesterday with the Lib Dems and Greens significantly increasing their share of the vote as the main two parties and UKIP lost out.

Labour MP David Lammy tweeted that it was an “unambiguously” clear vote for a re-think on Brexit.

He said: “The message is clear. We need to square up to the country and tell the truth. Brexit is a disaster and the Leave campaign lied to you.”

Early indications suggest The Conservatives have dropped some 442 councillors in this election compared to 2015, while Labour has lost 79.

Conversely, pro-Remain parties such as the Liberal Democrats and the Greens gained 304 and 42 councillors respectively.

The seat losses for the main two parties have been described as a “Brexit backlash” by the mainstream media, with Vince Cable saying voters showed they have no faith in Tories. 

Even Millfield in Sunderland – dubbed “Brexit Central” in the 2016 referendum – returned a win for the Liberal Democrats, which increased their share of the vote by 52 points. 

And Jacob Rees-Mogg’s ward in North East Somerset saw the Lib Dems take 67 per cent of the vote on a massive 54 per cent turnout. 

In Essex a Conservative MP broke down in tears following heavy losses for the party.

She told the BBC: “I think it is really disappointing when you look at some of the individuals who have lost their seats tonight,” she said.

“People who have worked their socks off for Chelmsford.

“Some of those councillors who have really worked so hard and helped to make Chelmsford so fantastic.

“They have lost their seats as a result of what is happening nationally reflecting back in people not wanting to turn out and vote locally.”

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