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The McDonaldization of Business

A homogenization of business looks set to envelop our economy after new research by Reed Commercial found more than one in five Brits are more likely to choose a service or shop if it is part of a franchise.

the research revealed 53 per cent of Brits now use franchises one to five time during a typical month, a trend that is exacerbated at Christmas when 28 per cent of Brits say they are likely to use franchises when buying gifts for their friends and family.

Over half of Brits revel that quality of product (57 per cent) quality of service (53 per cent) and value (53 per cent) are the most important aspects they look for in a franchise. Furthermore more than half of Brits (52.40%) consider customer service as a very important factor when using franchises.

Ben Sole, General Manager at Reed Commercial, said: “It doesn’t surprise me that British consumers prefer franchise businesses. The franchise model provides a high standard of service and is built around the customer. Franchise owners receive significant training and support to ensure that their customers receive a consistent product and great experience.”

The research also revealed that the top three qualities that would encourage them to use franchises again include getting a good deal (52 per cent) customer service (43 per cent) and loyalty cards (41 per cent). When looking into customer satisfaction, the results reveal that over 50% of Brits (56.40%) prefer to communicate with customer services via email.

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