The latest list of Brexit casualties is a sobering reminder of what lies in store for Britain

A comprehensive list of companies preparing to leave the UK after Brexit has been making the rounds on social media as Theresa May enters final negotiations with the EU, and makes for a sobering reminder of what lies in store for Britain.

Many major industries face a significant shock when the country’s divorce from the European Union is delivered, with news that a $240-billion-a-day market is set to leave London for Amsterdam one of many devastating blows to the economy.

And now the trail of destruction has been laid bare in full thanks to an extensive thread posted by Edwin Hayward.

Here’s how the current casualty list looks as things stand:


Tory vote of no confidence in Theresa May “likely”

High street stores & supermarkets stockpiling food in case of no-deal Brexit

MEP applauded as she exposes Nigel Farage’s hypocrisy in parliament

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4 Responses

  1. James Phillips

    And how many have decided to relocate to the UK because of Brexit…? Big fat zero, perhaps? So much for the ‘sunlit uplands’ of the Brexiteers’ fantasies.

    Thanks for compiling this list – it should be given the widest circulation possible.

  2. R Furness

    The last Michelin tyre factory, in Dundee, is closing in 2020, with a loss of nearly 1,000 jobs, currently the biggest employer in Dundee. ‘Due to cheaper small tyres from Asia’, despite being state of the art, 24 hour production, part/wholly wind-turbine powered, with numerous local specialist apprenticeships and training a future workforce to no purpose now. Certainly Brexit-related, and currently with no Westminster Government intervention. Never mind, we’ll always have a Museum of Past Achievements in the new V&A for consolation.
    Perhaps Jas Dyson could redeem himself by taking it on and making Scottish tyres for his new electric cars, made in Singapore?

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