The Greatest Trick The Tories Ever Pulled

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince the world he didn’t exist.

After two terms of crippling austerity cuts, dismantling of the welfare state and a referendum that was used as bait to secure a second term the latest polls show that The Conservatives lead has risen to sixteen per cent, with the Tories above Labour in every social group, including working class voters.

That’s the same working class voters who have less than £10 a month left over once they have paid their essential bills. The same voters who have experienced soaring levels of in-work poverty, who are being besmirched for taking government support while wealthy corporates evade tax and high net-worth individuals get the red carpet laid out for them as they hide their wealth overseas. It’s the same demographic who have watched the NHS get sold off to private firms for corporate gain.

And yet as inequality soars, the Tories are above Labour in every social group.

If it wasn’t so terrifying it would almost be admirable. They have battered and besieged the country into a state of unprecedented mess and actually convinced us that it’s a good idea!

The reason why is that the Tories are simply better at playing politics than anyone else. You don’t hear of constant in-fighting in the Tory Party. They never have to re-appoint their entire cabinet just to appear like a functioning political party.

They are masters of pulling the wool over our eyes. Take Philip Hammond’s autumn statement released last week. The statement was designed to appear as though it would help the JAMs (just about managing) of our society, but it was actually cleverly crafted trickery. Going after letting agents instead of building houses is a wonderful way of masking the real problem. Implementing change to the Universal Credit taper rate similarly masks a whole myriad of troubles affecting working people. Sure he’s covered JAM, but he’s spread it on burnt toast.

The greatest trick the Tories ever pulled was to convince the country that what they’re doing is the right course for Britain when in actual fact the majority of the country is suffering at their hands. It’s political trickery at its best, and we’re all falling for it.

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  1. Pascal O'Mahony

    Your most dangerous enemy is the one you do not know. The one who watches your every move, knows where your children go to school, knows where you shop, where you live, everything about you. But you do not know they even exist.

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