The Domino Defect: Support for EU remains high among member countries

Britain appears to have triggered a “domino defect” following Brexit as support for the EU is bolstered among member countries.

Contrary to initial concerns that Britain’s divorce could lead to other countries reevaluating their membership in the union, there is a strong belief (68 per cent) that EU countries overall have benefited from being part of the EU – equalling the highest level recorded since 1983.

The latest polling by Parliament, conducted in February and March, says that despite the “various internal and external challenges” to the EU in recent years, the “European sense of togetherness does not seem to have weakened.”

Some 61 per cent of respondents say their country’s EU membership is a good thing, with countries closer to the UK such as Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium and Sweden polling much higher.

The poll shows that Remain is favoured by the majority of Brits, despite Brexit talks continuing.

The Czech Republic, Italy and Austria are among the other Eurosceptic nations, although Remain is overwhelmingly backed in each of these countries.  

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