By Charlotte Hope, Lifestyle Editor @charlottehope

Blake Lively is pregnant

 OH! The pitter patter of tiny little feet is upon us. Last week, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher welcomed a little girl into the world – we can only assume a little girl with heart-meltingly beautiful eyes – and on Monday Blake Lively announced she was pregnant with Ryan Reynolds’child. Anyone that watched Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place might doubt the credibility of Reynolds as a father figure, but that was ages ago and you should probably get over it.

Lively announced her pregnancy in what is being touted as ‘the classiest way possible’. What else would be a classy way to announce that you’re bringing new life into the world? Put on your finest faux fur stole and announce it at the opera, I would guess. Anyway, Lively chose to put out their happy news via her lifestyle/wellbeing/unclear website, Preserve, with a softly lit photograph of her gazing lovingly down at her little bump. It is quite a sweet photo. Her child could be in the same school year as the new Prince/Princess. Something to think about, Blake and Ryan.

Lindsay Lohan makes her West End debut

 Everyone seems to be talking about this with no authority, so what could be more important than me chiming in? Lindsay Lohan started a much-publicised run in David Mamet’s Speed the Plow in London’s West End last week and it seemed as though salivating, hungry critics were ready on their starting blocks to rip her apart.

Lohan didn’t mess up to the extent that some people seemed to be hoping she would. She’s a person who has lived the last ten years of her life very much in the public gaze and all of her errors of judgement/crimes have been very publicly dissected. The overall consensus seems to be that she was alright but forgot a few of her lines. Not ideal, but not by any means the car crash people might have been hankering after. In all this furore it’s easy to miss that the West Wing’s Richard Schiff is in this production, which surely makes it worth seeing. Will this be Lohan’s triumphant return to credible acting roles after a string of TV movies and largely unreleased films? Probably not; it can’t happen overnight. But it’s certainly a learning curve for her and I’m keen to see how she progresses.

Harry Styles helps someone propose

 The ‘Directioners’(worst name for a group of fans ever) brought to the attention of Harry Styles the fact that ‘Bradley’, a fan, wanted to propose to his girlfriend at One Direction’s gig the following day. He tweeted at the band which was then picked up by their enormous, pulsating fan base and turned into an actual trending topic on actual Twitter. Obligingly, Styles used a pause in the concert to bring attention to Bradley, who then got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend. She said yes and jumped into his arms and, hey presto! We’ve got ourselves a new One Direction song topic.

Styles posed with the happy couple after the concert, allegedly hanging out with them for a while. What a gentleman. Ring or no ring, fiancé in view or not, I’d have done my level best to get off with Harry Styles in that moment. When are you ever going to have that chance again? Which, you know, could explain why I’m single. I can’t help but wonder, however, why his fiancé didn’t see his initial tweet to the band? She is tagged in a later post by Bradley…seems to ruin the surprise somewhat, I think. Congratulations to the happy couple nonetheless.

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