By Charlotte Hope, Lifestyle Editor @TLE_Lifestyle

Rita Ora gets embarrassed over a tweet

 Rita Ora attempted to harness the power of social media to validate her position in the pop world by tweeting something to the tune of ‘if this tweet gets 100,000 retweets I’ll drop my new single on Monday’. At the time of writing it is Monday and no single has been dropped. This is because her tweet didn’t get 100,000 retweets. It’s difficult for me to tell you just how many it’s had, because the tweet has since been deleted. That’s weird, I hear you cry, why would she delete something like that? At last count it was quite a low number.. an embarrassingly low number.

THUS Ora took back to Twitter, her preferred mode of communication (which we have to respect, given the complete failure she literally just experienced) and tweeted the following:

Well, that clears it up. Someone hacked poor Rita’s Twitter and she had nothing to do with this complete failure to rev up public support. Thank goodness for that.

Taylor Swift removes all music from Spotify

 Taylor Swift has refused to make her new album, 1989, available on popular music streaming site Spotify. In addition to this, all of her albums have disappeared from the service, meaning the streaming service is missing a whole lot of sugary pop. This apparently comes after Swift has criticised streaming services for ‘undervaluing artists work’. I paraphrase there.

So, unable to stream Swifts music, that she is paid for per play, I glance over to the iTunes store to have a look at how much her back catalogue is going to set me back. Sidebar: you can still buy ringtones on the iTunes store. Why?! Remember polyphonic ringtones? I digress. Assuming that I want to purchase the deluxe versions of her albums, which of course I do, the entire thing is going to set me back £33.87. That is more than my weekly shop costs me (thanks, Lidl). Or, you know, I could just mosey over to YouTube and watch her videos and listen to her music for free.

Celebrities do Halloween

 Celebrities invariably have the best Halloween costumes, because (probably) they’ve got the most money and the most time. Also they are then papped in the costumes and the pictures are rammed down our throats/we actively seek them out on Instagram. Halloween seems to have veered away from the horrifying and moved on to the hilarious which is absolutely fine by me, but I could have done with that memo as I painted a bloody slash across my neck on Friday night, and in keeping with this, the Primrose Hill Elite all dressed up as each other. What could be better, a chance to have a laugh and celebrate each other?

Nick Grimshaw dressed as Rita Ora, which was an okay costume at best. It was basically just Nick Grimshaw in a blonde wig and makeup. Couldn’t he have worn something from her Adidas range? Perhaps he just smelled very strongly of the DKNY perfume she’s been touting. I’ll never know. Kate Moss dressed as Cara Delevigne which is both very funny and very clever, and actually looked brilliant. She proceeded to end the night with a smudge of white powder on her nose which we can only assume was part of the costume. What on earth was she trying to say, I wonder?

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