By Charlotte Hope, @charlottehope

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin wed in Venice

Did you know that George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin got married this weekend? The ‘perpetual bachelor’ was ‘finally tamed’ by an incredibly accomplished human rights barrister. Why we have to equate George Clooney to a wild beast in dire need of taming I’m not sure, but we do. We do have to. If you live in Venice, which I’m sure so many of you do, you were probably aware of this shred of news as, seemingly, the entire city was shut down to accommodate Mr Clooney and Ms. Alamuddin. Not just them, of course, but also many celebrity guests, including Anna Wintour with her signature harsh bob and dark sunglasses and Bono, the reason the memory on my iPhone has gone down so significantly of late, among others.

The whole thing looked like a beautiful and pleasant affair. The actual marriage took place in a small civil ceremony on Monday whereas the celebration took place on Saturday with all their celebrity friends. Media takes on the occasion have been largely the same – George Clooney marries in Venice – whereas Business Woman Media took a different spin with the headline “Internationally Acclaimed Barrister Amal Alamuddin Marries Actor”. A fair take on the nuptials. Good luck to the Alamuddin-Clooneys, as I imagine they’ll be called, in their new lives together.

Ryan Case live-tweets terrible airline passenger

Modern Family’s editor Ryan Case (a female Ryan, FYI) took a flight on Sunday evening and happened upon a drunk and awful passenger. As is the custom, she decided to live-tweet the event. Do you know what live-tweeting is? I’ll tell you, then. My take on it is frequent tweets being sent at the exact time as an event is happening. People like to live-tweet X Factor and things like that, but this is way more interesting.

You can follow the story on Case’s Twitter – @film114 – but it was basically a drunk girl (we later learn she’s called Nadia) who talks loudly and obnoxiously about herself all the way through the flight, to the point where the police are called to meet the aircraft. This sort of thing is way more interesting than the Strictly final. It reminds me of Melissa Stetten live-tweeting being chatted up by a married actor, who then discredited her at his earliest opportunity. ‘Nadia’ and the airline have kept quiet regarding this story, but it’d be interesting to hear their take.

Drake gets an Emoji tattoo

Emotional rapper Drake got a new tattoo recently. It was added to tattooist-to-the-stars’ ‘Dr Woo’s Instagram tagging Drake, although not naming him. It’s not Dr Woo’s style to name his clients. What IS his style, seemingly, is tattooing a praying Emoji onto Drake’s forearm. That’s Emoji, you guys. The emoticon keyboard you have on your phone. First, Vogue teach you to dress like your favourite Emoji then Drake has one tattooed onto his skin.

It’s not a bad choice, as far as the options go. As though little Emojis was the only thing he could choose from. There are some really terrible options in there. There’s a smiling poo, for example. I’m glad Drake didn’t choose that one. Interestingly, the praying hands he picked are very similar to how he looks at the end of Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda video. Perhaps he wanted a constant reminder of being given a lap dance by Nicki Minaj? As though a video watched 213 million times (at time of writing) wasn’t enough. Just a thought.

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