By Charlotte Hope, Lifestyle Editor @TLE_Lifestyle

Renee Zellweger has a New Face

 Renee Zellweger went to the Elle Women in Hollywood awards last week, and caused an enormous furore by looking a bit different. I’m not too sure if the Elle Women in Hollywood awards was designed as a vehicle for the global tearing apart of its attendees, but that’s what it came to when Zellweger hit the red carpet. The media and the public has ripped into Zellweger for her apparent ‘new face’.

One media outlet (the Daily Mail, I’m pulling no punches) made out that Renee’s face was ‘completely unrecognisable’. Such hyperbole is so hard to come by in these times of austerity (sidebar: are we still in a time of austerity?) that we must revel in it, then dissect. Is it a ‘completely unrecognisable’ face if we can still recognise that it’s Zellweger? Nobody used high tech computer software to determine who the face belonged to. It’s obviously still her. For her part, Zellweger addressed the ‘new face’ rumours simply by saying ‘I’m healthy’. Good for her.

Robbie Williams live-blogs the birth of his son

 We’ve been through live-tweeting so I’m absolutely not going to waste my time explaining what live-blogging is. It’s the same through a different medium. Anyway, Robbie Williams decided to use said medium, ordinarily reserved for wry comments on X Factor or Strictly, to give you a blow by blow account of the birth of his son.

Unfortunately age doesn’t seem to have mellowed Williams, who was incessant during the birth and kept singing and tweeting. It must have been so nice for Ayda, his wife, who was presumably not in any pain and was just wiling away the time until she could pop out the offspring of this hyperactive manchild. He even shared a picture of her Louboutin-clad feet in the stirrups on the bed. Perhaps I’m old fashioned but I’d really have been bloody annoyed if that was me. As he danced around, singing his own song, a woman went through pain to bring new life into the world. It should be about her, not him, and certainly not about the shoes she was wearing. I didn’t realise how much this had riled me until I started writing this, but I think we can all agree it was a very annoying move from Robbie.

Beyoncé teams up with Topshop

 In a shrewd move from Philip Green, Topshop have announced that they’ve teamed up with Beyoncé to create a range of stylish active wear. It seems to be sitting somewhere between gym wear and normal clothes, mirroring Queen B’s current style. It’s a smart move – Beyoncé often goes for a bit of a Topshop spree when she’s in London, closing down the store as she does so, and her website is subsequently graced with a number of pictures of B in Topshop ensembles. It’s certainly more shrewd than the obligatory (and average) CJG range of shoes his daughter designs.

Beyoncé has forayed into fashion design before but has failed to gain the momentum that her career and brand have enjoyed in the last few years. The last known collection seems to have been around 2012, but I personally have never heard of it. I count myself as a pretty big Beyoncé fan so I deem it to be unworthy of attention. This Topshop collaboration is the one. I can feel it in my bones.




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