25/11/14 – AMA Special; One Direction, Cara Delevigne, Nicki Minaj

By Charlotte Hope, Lifestyle Editor @TLE_lifestyle

On Sunday night we were treated to the American Music Awards – a yearly celebration of fine fine music. And also other stuff that isn’t Beyoncé. Did you watch them? Of course you didn’t, you were hungover and probably asleep. To counter that, I’ve taken the liberty of rounding up the news from the evening. You’re welcome.

One Direction inadvertently make a man famous

One Direction performed an emotional rendition of their new song Night Changes, which I may or may not know all the words to already, and a gentleman from New York tweeted his surprise at their vocal talent. Somehow, the ‘directioners’as they’re so terribly known, found this man’s tweet and it got over 8,000 retweets. His bemusement at the situation was compounded when his subsequent tweet wondering what was going on was, also, retweeted over 8,000 times.

The man, Jerry, pointed out that he’s a ‘simple guy from NY’who ‘makes lamps’. Of course, these words were immediately immortalised over his Twitter picture with that bold meme typeface we all know and love. Contrary to his insistence that he’s a simple guy, Jerry took the opportunity to market the aforementioned lamps, tweeting a picture. Sadly this one didn’t get as much traction, but still banked a healthy 3k retweets. It’s gonna be a great Christmas for Jerry.

The year of the bum rages on

After the release of Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda and its accompanying video (which is burned onto my retinas so that every time I try and sleep I see Minaj’s enormous buttocks gyrating in slow motion), the Kim Kardashian Paper magazine cover (which stunned The Column into silence last week) it makes sense that Jennifer Lopez has chosen to grab this opportunity to showcase her derriere, and show those younguns how it’s done.

Of course, she couldn’t do this alone. She, or the people who manage her at least, recognised the importance of zeitgeist and enlisted the support of Iggy Azalea and her famous buttocks. Presumably it took them a long time to come up with the idea of a song called ‘Booty’. The song itself is forgettable, but they’re making sure the performances of it arent, with images surfacing from the AMAs of J Lo (do we…do we still call her that?) with her bum stacked on top of Azaleas. The set and costumes were a lovely nod to the video for Partition by Beyoncé. I mean, a nod or a rip off. Your call.

Cara Delevigne and Pharrell

 Away from the AMAs now, to the glamorous world of Chanel advertising. Karl Lagerfeld has created a short film by Chanel. This was possibly a long time coming given his increased artistic control over the brand. The film features model of the moment Cara Delevigne and pop star of the moment, Pharrell Williams. The two are bedecked in incredibly ornate jewellery and clothing, and the film takes place in some sort of grand palace. Of course we’ve only been treated to a teaser trailer as yet but it should be quite interesting.

In addition to this short film, Pharrell has allegedly written a song called CC The World which is going to be sung by him and Cara. This marks the start of Cara’s cross over into the singing world – having already been cast in a movie this year all we need now is to see her dance and we’ll have a real triple threat on our hands. The short film debuts on 2nd December (that’s next week you guys: it’s December next week) and will presumably be available on YouTube.


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