By Charlotte Hope – Celebrity Writer

Louis Tomlinson fails to buy Doncaster Rovers

A while ago, Louis Tomlinson (of One Direction fame) announced his plans to buy Doncaster Rovers. Whilst this could be construed as a bizarre move from one fifth of the world’s most successful boy band, it wasn’t as random as it sounds. Tomlinson is a life long Rovers fan and is in fact on their team sheet on a non contractual basis. Part of the deal seems to have been that Tomlinson and his business partner had to raise £2m on a crowd funding website to prove that he is a fit and proper person to own a football club. Unfortunately, their fundraising efforts failed to raise even £1m.

Are we surprised? No. I was surprised to learn that they were even doing some fund raising thing. I just assumed that Tomlinson would pay for the club out of his vast personal fortune, which reportedly far outweighs the amount he was trying to raise. Better publicity next time, lads. After the news broke, Tomlinson tweeted: I’m absolutely gutted the Doncaster Rovers deal is not going ahead. I am desperate for the club to be given the recognition it deserves :(‘. I think we can all feel the heart in this statement. Helpfully he’s put a sad smiley at the end for those of us not able to grasp the sentiment. Tomlinson remains adamant that he’ll stay involved with the club, which is good to know, and at the moment seemingly intends to try again in the future. Maybe he should meet up with Delia Smith to get the inside scoop on how she managed it? Just a suggestion.

Is James Franco dating Lana Del Rey?

If, by now, you’re not aware that James Franco is an avid Instagram/Facebook user then you must be living under a rock. Why are you reading my column? Go out and find somewhere better to live. For the rest of you: you’ll know that his frequent selfies – one upsetting picture of him in some grubby looking underwear, one of him eating apple in bed – get around 30,000 likes a picture. Franco has been starring in a Broadway production of Of Mice and Men alongside Chris O’Dowd since earlier this year (a performance that the New York Times called ‘understated to the point of invisibility’) and recently posted a picture of himself and Lana Del Rey, captioning it ‘LANA LANA LANA (my new friend)’.

Since then, he’s become borderline obsessed with Del Rey, posting pictures of a cover of Rolling Stone that she graces as well as photos of them out and about. Neither has commented on what looks like a budding relationship but given the fact that Del Rey recently broke off an engagement with Barrie James O’Neill this possibly isn’t surprising. It’ll be interesting to see how she reconciles her apparent love of privacy with Franco’s complete love of publicly documenting his every move but that will have to unfold if and when it does. Something to look forward to, I suppose.

Paolo Nutini has broken everyone’s heart

Whilst we’re on the dating subject, it’s probably fair to mention that, after only just repairing my shattered heart over Eva Mendes’ pregnancy, my hopes and dreams have once again been dashed with the news that Paolo Nutini is now dating Amber Anderson, a British model, who was in one of his most recent music videos. News outlets are reporting that it’s the video for ‘Scream (Funk my Life Up), but I skim-watched said video and couldn’t see her. Perhaps my eyes don’t want me to see her. That’ll be it.

So, they’re loved up – ‘practically inseparable’, allegedly. Much as it hurts me tosay it, I suppose I begrudgingly wish them the very best. They’re both very beautiful people and, as we all know, beautiful people should only ever be with beautiful people. Once again, neither have commented on their relationship and the news we receive comes from unnamed sources, so there’s scope for you to continue your denial and pretend he’s just waiting until he meets you. I, myself, am choosing to hold my head high, face reality, and keep myself readily available for Michael Fassbender.

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