The Burkini Debate: To Betray Laws Of Their Country Or The Customs Of Their Faith

The Burkini debate in France has left most of us in disgust at the French government’s decision to ban the full-body swimsuit, but one cartoonist has summed it up better than most.

French illustrator Pierre Marchetti, who goes by the nom de plume “Nawak”, drew a cartoon that addresses the choice faced by Muslim women – whether to betray the laws of their country or the customs of their faith.

French prime minister Manuel Valls said the swimsuit is based on the “enslavement of women”, yet religious rules dictate that women should remain covered at all times when outside the house.

The controversial move has seen at least 10 women – including grandmothers – criminalised for their clothing.

Both men in the cartoon are saying: “You will dress yourself like that and not any other way”.

While the woman says simply:

“And my opinion in all this?”



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