The best (and the naughtiest signs) from the Put It To The People march

Organisers estimate over a million people marched through the capital’s streets to Parliament square to ask for the public to have the final say on Brexit options.

Speakers addressed the many from all over Britain thronged into Parliament Square.

“Brexiteers told us we would have £350 million extra for the NHS – they lied. They told us we could leave the EU with all the benefits, but none of the consequences – they lied. They told us we would have 40 trade deals the minute we left – they lied,” Tottenham MP David Lammy told the crowds.

But the real stars weren’t the speakers from across the political spectrum, they were those of all ages who had come to make their feelings known.

And many had gone to great effort with imaginative placards.

Others, less so….

Some were rude…

Some bizarre…

Anyway these were some of our favourites:

David Cameron, conspicuous by his absence from politics after his great EU Referendum gamble, was present on a lot of home-made signs…

Rick Astley was also present in placard form.

As was Rees-Mogg’s unique brand of disaster capitalism.

Not sure if Uri Geller does plastic spoons, mind.

What we are all thinking, thanks:

Basic maths:

And a reference to Boaty McBoatface – a public vote to choose a name for a polar ship, where the government judged the public’s choice to silly to act on…

Meanwhile on his March To Leave, Nigel garage addressed a crowd of fewer than 200, while yet again he was trolled by his own words:


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