Thank you Brexit: Germany reacts as BMW considers move

German tabloid BILD’s Leipzig sent its thanks to Britain after news broke that BMW may move production of a new electric Mini to Germany.

The paper ran with the headline “thank you Brexit” on Tuesday as BMW refused to deny claims it was considering a move as uncertainty mounts for British manufacturers who export to Europe.

A so-called ‘hard Brexit’ could see additional tariffs levied on goods made in the UK but sold in the EU. Last year, 38 percent of the 200,000 Minis made at BMW’s Cowley, Oxfordshire, plant were sent to Europe, the Huffington Post reported.

Production of the electric Mini is slated to begin in 2019 and BMW has to make a decision about where it will produce the new vehicles in the second half of this year.

The company insisted it was business as usual at its four sites in the UK. In a statement, it said: “The decision on where to build the full-electric Mini will be taken this year.

“As formal negotiations between the UK and the EU have not even begun yet it is too early to comment on what Brexit will mean for our business.

“The BMW group has always made clear that we believe integration of the UK into the EU single market, maintaining free movement of goods, services, capital and talent, would be best for business. What’s important for us is that the UK’s negotiations with the EU result in uncomplicated, tariff-free access to the EU single market in future.

“As a major investor and employer in the UK, the BMW group urges the government to take the concerns of international business into account. Not only free trade but also cross-border employment opportunities and unified, internationally applied regulations are of proven benefit to business, the economy and individuals.”

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  1. Timothy

    If german companies want access to the ( rather large ) UK car market and they move production to germany ..I guess they will have to pay a tariff on the way in at customs. In Trump We trust

    1. Stewart

      And who will pay the tariffs on German manufactured cars?…. Oh yes, the UK customer. It will just add to the cost of living in the UK while have very little effect on German car sales in the UK, as they are mostly aimed at the premium end of the market, which is much less price sensitive than the budget end…

      1. K Bucknall

        Brilliant, if you want to buy German cars the UK government will look forward to the extra tax it gets from the tariff. If you can afford the car you can afford the extra tax. Alternatively buy a Jaguar, they are far better cars anyway and will be a lot more reasonably priced than a tariff added teutonic. Any loss of sales for Jaguar will be more than made up by extra sales in this country . They will also expand to cater for extra demand. I am fed up with whinging people who do not buy British goods in the first place.

  2. Jane

    Large UK market… are having a laugh it’s about 8% of their market, not worth bothering about.
    I wonder how many jobs will be lost? Once one European manufacture they will all follow..
    Thanks again Brexshite..

    1. Brexit

      Who gives a toss anyway

      The vote was to leave

      So let’s leave

      Let’s get over it and look forwards to a greater Britain

      1. Andy James

        Yep, a greater Britain. Greater unemployment, greater cost of imported goods, greater cost of travelling abroad, greater limitations on freedom of movement…

        The vote to leave was based on misinformation that even those who spread it have subsequently retracted. That’s neither a fair nor democratic vote.

  3. Manzini

    Shame…I worked for BMW is one of well paid company in Oxford. ..people will be stranded. .you can take this for granted believing Trump how can you rely on someone who is not even in the Country. The pound will fall the dollar will be stronger and you will be own your own open your eyes. You can’t live the market for a corner shop.

  4. Andrew

    This is probably the same publication that criticised the government when they sought to calm Nissan a few months ago. Stop shit stirring and grow up

  5. Holly The Dog

    Well I’m embarrased to be British. GB has become a joke. We no longer own any car companies. We just assemble them if the foreign parents think it’s economically viable. SInce the Mini is now German owned, they’ll build their electric model in whichever country they see fit. Why choose GB? Too risky.

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