Texas Allows Students To Bring Guns To School To Prevent Mass Shootings

The state of Texas, US will permit certain students to bring concealed guns to school from this week.

A new “campus carry” law went into effect yesterday which allows people 21 and older with a concealed handgun license to carry pistols in classrooms and buildings throughout public colleges, including the University of Texas system.

Proponents of the law say it could prevent mass shootings in schools, although critics have pointed out that it will endanger safety on campuses.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott, a Republican who supports campus carry, said: “What campus carry does is that it only authorises those who go through the special training and background to carry firearms”. Insinuating that this would allow them to confront people carrying a gun who wish to cause harm to other students and teachers.

But the law has caused outrage amongst certain groups in Texas, with Texas college students planning to protest gun law with dildos!

Many have taken to social media to express their concern, with some saying they no longer feel safe in the city.

Piers Morgan summed up the reaction in the UK rather well:

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