Terrorist who plotted to behead Theresa May faces years in jail

An Islamic State fanatic who plotted to behead Theresa May in a “full frontal assault” on Downing Street faces years in jail after being convicted of terror charges.

Naa’Imur Rahman, 20, wanted to detonate a bomb at the Downing Street security gates before storming the front door of No. 10 armed with a knife or a gun while the PM was inside.

In preparation for the suicide attack he organised for two IED’s to be hidden inside a rucksack and a jacket.

But he was duped into carrying dummy explosives by an undercover Mi5 agent.

The young terrorist, who was studying his A-Levels when he first began to plot, was arrested moments after picking up the two fake bombs from the undercover officer in Kensington, central London.

In messages to undercover terror cops Rahman said: “I want to do a suicide bomb on Parliament, I want to attempt to kill Theresa May.

“Another brother managed to bomb here on the tube praise to Allah, I am going to fight, time has come to fight.

“I swear my objective is to take out my target, nothing less than death of he leaders of Parliament.

“Since my uncle left I have been planning hijra, I have no desire for this life.”

After the Parsons Green and Manchester bombings, he said: “All I can do is prepare, the level is critical here.

“The brother in Manchester did well, praise Allah.”

He added: “If I wear a vest and drive close by Parliament when there is a meeting and push the button it will clear the entire block, everyone inside including the Prime Minister will be dead.”

Rahman spent two years planning the “multi-faceted attack” after his uncle Musa Diqur Rahman who fled to Syria to join ISIS died in a drone strike.

After two of his uncles Mohammed Iqbal Hussain (trip corr) and Mohammed Suysubar Rohaman (trip corr) were jailed for fundraising terrorism officers from the Prevent’s channel programme quizzed Rahman, but he convinced them he had no interest in Daesh.

Several months later in August last year the terrorist’s phone was seized after he allegedly shared indecent images – for which he was never charged – and police discovered he was in regular contact with his ISIS fighter uncle.

After conviction Deputy Assistant Commissioner Dean Haydon said: “His phone became of interest to us initially because of a sexual nature but that then revealed the contact with his uncle.

“One uncle had joined Daesh in Syria and the other two were involved and convicted for terrorist fundraising.

“He revealed his detailed attack plan to the role player and confirms he had been developing his plans for two years.

“He was planning a multifaceted attack in which he envisaged he would die as a martyr.

“His intention was to go to the gates of Number 10 he was going to detonate one of the devices there which would have killed police officers and members of the public and bystanders.

“He was then to go to the door of Number 10 with a knife or a gun.

“He wanted to behead the Prime Minster.”

In the planning of the attack Rahman also dreamed up other hairbrained plans he suggested to contacts through the encrypted app Telegram that he could explode a petrol tanker outside Parliament and even drop bombs using hot air balloons.

Rahman, originally from Walsall, West Midlands, is die to be sentenced at a later date.


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