Teachers Forced to Spend their Own Money on Classroom Supplies

British teachers are being forced to spend hundreds of pounds of their own money on classroom supplies, according to new research.

The ‘Equipped to Learn‘ study found almost two thirds of the teachers questioned felt under pressure to part with money from their own pocket to buy equipment for students.

Of these teachers, 60 per cent anticipate spending at least £120 during the current academic year, while 30 per cent expect to spend upwards of £240. Those who taught younger children were more likely to feel pressured to use their own money for supplies, most prominently teachers of nine to ten year-olds.

Almost three-quarters of children in both primary and secondary school are coming to school unprepared for lessons, according to the results, with teachers calling on parents to take more of an interest in their child’s day-to-day schooling.

Sharon Tan, Director, Head of Category Management for Staples Europe commented on the new report: “Our report shines a light on the pressure that some teachers feel to pay for their students’ supplies out of their own pockets.

“Teachers, along with parents should help encourage their children to remember their school supplies. Get them into the routine of packing their bags the night before to ensure that they have everything they need for the next day. It’s about helping kids be 100 per cent ready, and enjoying doing so.”

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