Students clash over library seats as dissertation deadlines loom

Students at a university are clashing over LIBRARY seats – as they battle to finish their dissertations.

Undergraduates are reporting seeing furious rows over chair availability as deadlines approach.

University of Bristol student Rob Angel tweeted after seeing two fellow student clash over a seat in the uni’s Arts and Social Sciences Library (ASSL).

He wrote: “Just seen a full blown argument between two students over a seat in the library. The end is near!”

And the Bristol University Library’s twitter account responded by posting a tongue-in-cheek GIF of a man shouting “Everybody calm down”.

Alongside the GIF, they wrote: “Seating in the library is at a premium at the moment – this is why there is currently no access for external visitors.

“We would urge our students to resolve all chair-based disputes peaceably, and to try one of our many other excellent study centres. Thank you for listening.”

They then added another tweet to all their followers which read: “We are nearing full capacity in the ASSL, and are hearing reports of fighting over seats.

The Wills Memorial Library at the University of Bristol. 

“Remember you are welcome to study in any of our libraries, not to mention our study centres in Grace Reeves and Senate House.”

They included a link to a page on the university’s website which shows how many desks are available in each study space on campus.

A University of Bristol spokesperson said: “We are aware of one isolated incident in the library where two students disagreed briefly over study space.

“In the run up to exams we encourage our students to make use of all the study spaces available including our libraries which run extended opening hours.”


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