How to stop the Tories: A definitive guide

Britain has just six weeks to prepare for what could go down as one of the biggest General Elections in history, and if you take the pollsters by their word (which few of us do any more) the Tories are on hand to steamroller the opposition.

The Conservatives are set to win a 100-seat majority at the snap election, analysis by Britain’s most respected pollster for The Telegraph has suggested. If current polling was replicated the Tories would win an estimated 375 seats – double the 189 seats Labour would pick up. Bookmakers have reflected that, pricing the Tories 1/7 to win an overall majority in June with their closest opposition a daunting 14/1 to win.

The UK has little time to amass, but amass it must if we’re to stop this happening. Not only are the Tories preparing to inflict the same levels of debilitating cuts as they did in their previous administration while freely selling off whatever chunks of British infrastructure they wish, voting for The Conservatives in June would grant them the biggest ever mandate to shape Britain’s future outside Europe.

Theresa May has already been hard at work making sure that will happen. Her Great Repeal Bill has been likened to The Statute of Proclamations issued under the reign of King Henry VIII, giving her ministers the ability to rewrite reams of British law without full scrutiny. With a majority she will have five years to re-write history in their own image, and there will be little we can do.

Which is why the election in June is so crucial. Forget what the pollsters and bookies tell you, it is possible to stop the Tories wreaking havoc on the nation and block the hard Brexit that could cripple the economy, and this spreadsheet tells you how. Please look at this link which outlines a guide to tactical voting to prevent Theresa May increasing her majority to avoid parliamentary scrutiny of the Brexit negotiations to come and, most importantly, share if we are to prevent the ‘inevitable’ before it’s too late.


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  1. Mark Errington

    Excuse the length of this article:

    Vote 48%

    Theresa May is set to call a General Election for 8th June. This despite repeatedly saying that she would not call a snap election and in contradiction of the rules of the fixed-term parliaments that came in with the first Cameron government.
    This election is, according to Mrs May, all about giving her the backing she needs to negotiate Brexit from a position of strength. She also said that she would by-pass parliamentary scrutiny, but let that pass for the moment.
    If the election is all about Brexit, then it is, in effect a second referendum, only held under the rules of a parliamentary elections. If it is a referendum, let the 48% of people in the UK who voted Remain treat it as such, and vote accordingly.
    With a simple sum it is possible to show how this election can be turned around. If two-thirds of those who voted Remain vote for whichever candidate in the constituency opposes leaving the Single Market and has the best chance of winning, then that candidate is almost certain to win.
    This is very little to do with party politics. There are Tories who are still strongly opposed to the May hard Brexit plans. If your MP falls into this category, and does a reasonable job as an MP, by all means vote for them, if you wish. If your Labour MP is pro-Brexit, vote for the best candidate from amongst the others.
    What is at stake here is the future of our country. Any form of Brexit is going to impoverish us to some extent. A hard Brexit will be disastrous to the economy and will hit the poor hardest. a hard Brexit will mean changing the nature of British society. If it happens you can kiss goodbye to employment protection, environmental rules, and the NHS as we know it. And it will also impact on jobs and opportunities for decades to come.
    Every promise that was made by the Leave campaigns has been broken. All the promises about the wealth of the country after Brexit have been demoted to aspirations, as David Davis and his cabal of Brextremists know, these promises cannot be fulfilled.
    In effect, Theresa May is saying, ‘Trust me’. If a politician ever asks you to trust them, then it is time to vote for someone else. If Theresa May is returned with an increased majority, then I fear for parliamentary democracy in this country. You voted with your head at the referendum. It is time to do so again on June 8th. Be clever, vote 48%.

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