Stop HS2 campaigners hand out rail tickets for “privileged few” at Labour Conference

Stop HS2 campaigners have been distributing rail tickets marked for the “privileged few” at the Labour Party Conference.

The activists replicated British rail tickets with costs and consequences detailed on the front, with the class bracket stating “privileged few” and the ticket type referred to as “super excess vanity project”.

The high speed rail network connecting London with the Midlands and the North has been heavily criticised since its inception with many people dubbing it a vanity project on behalf of the Conservative Party.

An investigation by this newspaper found that part of the proposed route running into Leeds is prone to heavy flooding in the winter months, although tunnelling could solve the issue, albeit at a cost.

The Stop HS2 campaign group recently started a petition to cancel HS2 and repeal the 2013 and 2017 High Speed Rail Acts which has gained almost 9,000 signatures at the time of reporting.

They argue it is a “vanity project, lobbied for by the firms who will make billions out of building it, at a time of continued austerity and cuts to essential services”.


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