Stop Brexit petition hits 4m, breaking records as 96% of signatures confirmed from UK

A petition calling for the government to revoke Article 50 has just past four million signatures and is set to surpass previous records for epetitions for parliamentary debates.

The petition can be found here:

Millions of people have added their name to the petition in the hours after Theresa May delivered a disheartening speech to the nation earlier this week, hitting out at MPs for the failure of Brexit, and telling the country she is with them.

Nine in ten Brits now say her handling of the Brexit negotiations a “national humiliation”, with just seven per cent saying it has not while three percent answered “don’t know”.

At its current growth rate, the current petition is set to smash the previous UK petitions record, set in March 2019.dwarfing the previous record of 4,150,260.

Brexiteers and pro-Brexit media have tried to dismiss the unprecedented epetition.

Brexiteer Julia Hartley-Brewer wrongly suggested people could sign the petition more than once with the same email address for instance, as the Express claimed most signatories were outside the United Kingdom.

According to the pro-Brexit paper, Brexiteer Nigel Farage wanted a public inquiry to understand why people in Russia and North Korea were signing it.

But parliament’s petitions committee insisted that 96% of signatories were from the United Kingdom.

It tweeted on Friday: “A few people have been talking about fraud and overseas signatures. As of this afternoon, approximately 96% of signatures on the petition were from the UK. That’s broadly what we’d expect for a petition like this.”

Many Brits abroad also took to social media to say that they had signed the petition and were not indeed foreign bots.

The landmark was hit as hundreds of thousands of people are heading for London’s People’s Vote march.

Saturday’s “Put It To The People March” takes place on what was supposed to be six days before the UK was due to leave the EU, before an extension to the departure date was given.

Organised by the People’s Vote campaign, the rally on March 23 is expected to attract similar numbers to October’s huge demo at which reportedly 700,000 people turned out – the biggest demonstration on British soil since the Gulf War.

In contrast a Brexit Betrayal March, which is making its way towards the capital from its starting point in the North East, has managed to attract just a few hundred people despite being billed to have thousands of walkers signed up.



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  1. Andrew

    to be should not matter if signatures are from UK or not. Its all about those people being British, Myself I am in a EU country and am British. I should also have the ability to sign the petition as it directly effect me

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