This speech on Europe is going viral for all the right reasons

A video of a speech in the European Parliament by Spanish MEP Esteban Gonzales Pons is going viral on social media.

The rousing talk highlights the problems currently being faced on the continent, highlighting the importance of unity in a time of great instability.

He said: “Europe is currently bound to the North by populism and to the South by refugees drowned in the sea.

“To the East by Putin’s tanks, to the West by the Trump Wall.

“In the past by war, in the future with Brexit.

“Today, Europe is alone more than ever, but its citizens do not know it.

“Europe is, however, for that reason, the best solution and we do not know how to explain that to our citizens”.

Watch the video in full below:


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2 Responses

  1. Peter Clareburt

    And yet Europe choose to put boundaries around it self, to expand their berlin wall, to focus on being a regional body not a world body.

    As a new Zealander, we have reciprocal arrangements with several European countries, and when we visit we visit these countries, not europe, we don’t use the shengen agreement where we can only visit 3 months in 6, no we go to France for 3 months and then Italy for 3 months and so on. We used to send 80% of our food to the uk and as soon as the uk joined the EU our access was cut and capped, and now threat the UK is interested in is again the EU is suddenly interested in us. If the EU had been a global moment which is what we need they could have included the commonwealth, but no they wanted to build walls in their little part of the world. In doing so they caused harm and hardship in the world. They think they have utopia, but really they are just a gated community, ignorant of the outside world.

  2. Dave

    Oh, bollocks. I’m a New Zealander as well. But the exact reason why the UK chose to abandon the EU were the reasons you are claiming the EU is deficient on: that it expanded too far.

    It can’t be a global movement. Open borders cannot operate in dramatically unequal societies – or if you think they can you at least have to understand this is both a far-left and far-right (at least a complete free-market, as supported by the ASI) viewpoint.

    Too right the EU is a gated community. How can you expect anything else yet expect everyone to in some way abide by its rules? I can’t start a football club and allow each individual player to choose the rules by which they play.

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