Spaceports and the Right to High-Speed Broadband in Queen’s Speech

The Queen is set to deliver her most futuristic speech ever this afternoon.

Setting out the government’s programme for the next session of parliament, the Queen is to unveil the Right to High-Speed Broadband for every household and a Modern Transport Bill for new spaceports, driverless cars and drones.

Prime Minister David Cameron has promised to deliver ‘fast broadband’ to all UK homes and businesses by 2020, introducing a  “universal service obligation” for broadband, giving the public a legal right to request an “affordable” connection which would put broadband on a similar footing to other basic services such as water and electricity.

As the number of futuristic modes of transport increase, incorporating drones, driverless cars and spaceports into a new transport bill is also a big leap forward.

Plans to open Britain’s first commercial rocket launch site will be unveiled this week with Newquay tipped to host it.

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