Social media meltdown after Cycling Weekly publishes ‘Token attractive woman’ caption

This week’s Cycling Weekly caused controversy when an editorial error saw a text holder (A caption to accompany an image which is updated before the publication goes to press) read ‘Token Attractive Woman’.

Twitter user Carlos Fandango who noticed the mistake published the image on Twitter:

Upon the issue being flagged to them, Cycling Weekly issued an apology on their official Twitter account.

The apology read:

“Unfortunately during the magazine’s production process a member of the sub-editing team decided to write an idiotic caption on a photo of one of the female members of the club.

“The caption is neither funny nor representative of the way we feel or approach our work.

“We would like to apologies unreservedly to the rider in the photograph. This appalling lack of judgement by an individual is just that, and not a reflection of the culture in the CW office.”

It is unclear whether the comment was written by a male or female employee or whether the intention was a protest by someone on the editorial team about the types of images they use or blatant objectification.

Regardless, Twitter wasn’t happy!



However some users did suggest that whilst the mistake was stupid it shouldn’t come at the cost of anyone’s livelihood.

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