Sir John Major claims UK citizens have “every right” to reverse Brexit

The ex-PM John Major has re-entered the Brexit debate. A prominent Remainer he spoke out over the way the Brexit negotiations are going, in his opinion.

Major, talking at an event in central London, said that British people have “every right” to vote in a second referendum, to decide if they agreed with the final deal to leave the EU.

Major wants the Government to offer a free vote, on the final deal, to the Commons and then have the option to hold another public vote on the matter.

“Many electors know they were misled,” Major commented. “Many more are beginning to realise it. So, the electorate has every right to reconsider their decision.”

He added: “By 2021, after the likely two-year transition, it will be five years since the 2016 referendum.  The electorate will have changed.  Some voters will have left us.  Many new voters will be enfranchised.  Others may have changed their mind.

“No-one can truly know what “the will of the people” may then be.  So, let Parliament decide.  Or put the issue back to the people.”

Major also lambasted the £350m promise for the NHS, as seen on the red Brexit battle bus, after Brexit as a “ridiculous phantom”.

He made a plea to doubters who label him as unpatriotic for wanting the UK to remain in the EU when he said: “I want my country to be influential, not isolated; committed, not cut-off; a leading participant, not a bystander. I want us to be richer, not poorer.”

Tom Brake, the Liberal Democrat Brexit spokesperson, said: “John Major is right, the deal must go back to the people.”


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