Sickening! Austerity killing 30,000 people a year

After years of Tory rule and harsh austerity measures the UK is on its knees. The Red Cross called the NHS was facing a “humanitarian crisis,” and waiting times are now at the highest levels recorded.

Drastic cuts to the social care fund has left local authorities barely able to provide basic care to elderly people in the UK. Instead of being treated at home, elderly and frail people are clogging up hospitals A & E departments for relatively minor medical problems.

Now it has been reported that OAPs’ life expectancy is 26 days less for 65-year-olds and will leave thirty thousand dead. This is the highest increase in mortality rates in thirty years. For those even older, 75-years-old, a huge 40 days has been wiped from their lives. It must be a wake-up call to the Government that cuts kill and providing decent public services is essential to maintain a fair, equal and healthy society for all.

The study conducted by Oxford University and London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine says life expectancy for 65-year-olds decreased by 26 days between 2013 and 2015, during the height of austerity Britain.

Researchers found 30,515 of the deaths could not be explained by “natural fluctuations” and ruled out weather, flu and data errors. This figure brings shame on the UK Government who and more money must be pledged to the public sector, to ensure that these numbers of deaths are slashed in the coming years.

Labour’s social care spokeswoman Barbara Keeley said: “The Tories have created a crisis in social care.”

A Health Department spokesman said: “Every year there is significant variation in excess deaths. In the year following this study they fell by nearly 20,000.”

Oxford University’s Prof Danny Dorling said: “It may sound obvious that more elderly people will have died earlier as a result of cutbacks, but to date the number of deaths has not been estimated and the government have not admitted responsibility.”

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  1. Ella

    Funny how the 81,000 deaths of sick and disabled UK citizens are airbrushed out of the narrative. (See

    How a new tier of UK citizens are paralysed with fear over the Bedroom Tax, DWP sanctions, food banks and impending homelessness and a resulting surge in national anxiety, depression and suicide is ignored.

    How zero-hour contracts have created third world citizens living in a first world country, a new class of British citizen – ‘the Precariat’, living week to week.

    How social housing tenants’ lives are being made a misery through unnecessary and constant ‘repairs’ (Social Housing Contactor Fraud), making private contractors like Mears Group super rich and powerful at the expense of social housing tenants.

    Then there is the never ending privatisation of NHS services. Richard Branson has already got his claws into the NHS and is feeding off it like a parasite, guzzling on the public money used to fund it.

    Britain is a shit hole thanks to neoliberalism, New Labour and especially the Conservatives who have thrown the Working Class to the wolves. I have never seen so many homeless people begging on the streets of my local town in all my life. I don’t recognise my own country. Parts of Britain are a dystopia.

    … And all of this suffering and poverty is kept conveniently hidden – charities and the media are prevented from talking about it thanks to the Tories’ ‘Gagging Bill’.

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