Shocking figures reveal inhumane impact of factory farming

A baby girl would weigh 28 stone by her 3rd birthday if she grew as fast as the average supermarket chicken.

An open letter penned by RSPCA Assured CEO Clive Brazier has revealed the inhumane conditions most factory farmed animals live in, congratulating Jamie Oliver’s support of higher welfare chicken.

He said: “The RSPCA thinks most people probably don’t realise that the majority of meat chickens we eat are bred to grow so fast millions of them are dangerously heavy for their age, struggle to walk properly and can suffer from heart defects.

“In fact if a newborn baby grew as fast as your average supermarket chicken by her third birthday she would weigh 28 stone.

“But it’s so easy for all of us to help by only choosing chicken labelled RSPCA Assured, free-range or organic.”

The Assured scheme by the RSPCA doesn’t allow fast growing breeds of chickens. The birds must be given plenty of space to move around and flap their wings, whether they are kept indoors or outside . They also have perches and things to peck at such as straw bales and vegetables and they are given natural light.

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