“Shambolic” error in pollcards say that iconic British county is called “TITREE”

Bungling council officials were today accused of ‘taking the p’ when it emerged they had mis-spelt the name of the parish of Tiptree in Essex – as TITREE.

Tiptree is famed for its iconic Wilkin jam will be holding an election for a new council on May 3, for which polling cards are being distributed between today and April 3.

The Tiptree parish council took to social media to slam the Tiptree borough council, and said on Twitter: “This is completely shambolic.”

Tiptree resident Roger Mannion, 73, said that he was worried that the cards might be null and void and therefore need reprinting again ahead of the election.

Roger said: “My initial thoughts were that it’s quite a stupid error, I wondered if the card was valid or not.

“Because it was only a notification card, it doesn’t affect the election going forward.”

The polling card for Tiptree misspelled as Titree. 

Steve Bays, chairman of Tiptree Parish Council, said: “I couldn’t believe it, I just kept thinking: ‘Someone’s taken the ‘P’!

“Let’s be fair, it’s a little unfortunate but there is a worry they might have to be reprinted because this is an official document.”

The chairman, who has previously voiced concern over the village being sidelined by Colchester Council, added: “I don’t think people are taking it too seriously… at least people will definitely be aware there’s an election!”

Colchester Council’s Electoral Registration Officer, Adrian Pritchard, said: “I encourage all residents aged 18 and over to vote in the 3 May elections and have their say on the important decisions affecting our borough.

“Now’s the time to make sure your details are up to date on the Register or visit www.gov.uk/register-to-vote to register”


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