Senior EU officials now put chances of Brexit no-deal at over 50%

Senior EU officials are putting the chance of a Brexit no-deal at over 50 per cent and making detailed impact assessments about what it mean for the EU, sources in Brussels claim.

Jonathan Lis, the deputy director at pressure group British Influence, has exposed the reality of Brexit negotiations in a scathing Twitter thread which shows Theresa May could retreat to the “comforting insanity of Redwood/Mogg Brexit utopia” rather than meet EU demands.

If the PM continues to insist she can’t make any further monetary commitments then the EU will not trigger trade talks in December – setting the next opportunity to kick-start talks back to March and leaving just seven months to agree a deal.

“All of this means, we’re heading for crisis (and economic shock) very soon – December or January – unless UK comes to its senses”, Lis claims.

In a series of damning Tweets, he also revealed:

“EU officials don’t think UK Gov working in national interest; worse, believe May and Davis don’t understand process, or what no-deal means.

“EU unsure whether civil servants not telling ministers truth, or if ministers just aren’t listening- but UK incompetence is mystifying.

“One official agreed that Davis’s recent remark on negotiations going down to wire, after EU Parl’t vote, was lunacy. EP vote is final.”

Read the full thread below:


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