Security system branded ‘sad’ by homeless charity for threatening to call cops

A homeless charity has branded a business responsible for a security system that barks at people in a doorway and threatens to call the cops as ‘sad’.

The bizarre alarm system is triggered when passersby step into the sheltered doorway of an office block in Glasgow.

When set-off, a loud voice blares through the speakers, saying: “You have been detected in an unauthorised area, please leave the area or the police will be called – CCTV is recording”.

A pressure group has also slammed the security measure for being ‘heavy-handed’, ‘aggressive’ and ‘intimidating’.

The doorway, located at 46 Gordon Street near Glasgow Central Station, is said to have been kitted out with the alarm to prevent vandalism – and only activated at night.

But Graeme Brown, director of Shelter Scotland, claims homeless people will be affected by it.

He said: “It is very sad that a business feels it has to go to such lengths to deny even the shelter of a doorway to someone who has no home to go to.

The doorway, located at 46 Gordon Street near Glasgow Central Station. 

“In Scotland, people have a right to emergency accommodation from their local council if they have nowhere to stay and they also have a right to be treated with dignity and respect.

“We need urgent action to improve the safety net so no-one is looking for a quiet doorway to sleep in.”

The office block on Gordon Street houses a jewellers, a healthcare company, a wig shop, several property consultants and a mortgage broker.

Managing agent Fletcher King refused to give an official comment.

But a source at the company said: “The security measure was installed recently – only in the last few months.

The bizarre alarm system. 

“It is to prevent vandalism, as the building was experiencing trouble with that being that it is very central.

“It is the cost-effective version of nightly security and it only switches on at nighttime.”

Pressure group Big Brother Watch, who campaign for privacy and civil liberties, said: “This is an extremely heavy-handed and aggressive approach to security.

“People who come near this doorway should not be subject to such an intimidating message.”



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