Second Brexit referendum could be held in May, claims ex Tory Minister

A Brexit referendum could be held before summer begins, claims a former top Tory Minister.

Justine Greening, believes a new vote would only take 22 weeks to organise and conduct. Meaning it could take place on the 30th May.

If parliament defeats Theresa May’s Brexit deal on 11 December, wheels could be put in motion for another EU vote.

Such a move would see the Article 50 process extended, meaning Brexit would not occur on 29 March as scheduled.

Greening said: “I’ve worked out that you could plan and hold a referendum in 22 weeks.

“We could do that in 22 weeks. We could actually, after this vote on December 11, hold a referendum, potentially, on May 30 next year.

“We could, alongside that, choose to extend Article 50, I’ve suggested, by four months to July 29.”

Greening told attendees at London’s Southbank Centre: “MPs know that Parliament is gridlocked. That’s the reality. It’s been clear for months now. Wasted months. And it gets more surreal by the day.

“We’ve now got the prime minister actually touring the country to persuade people to back her deal, whilst simultaneously being adamant she won’t give people a say through a people’s vote.

“If parliament can’t reach a compromise, the people should be allowed to do it themselves. In fact they must.”

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