Save the NHS! Tens of thousands of people attended emergency NHS march in London today

Tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets of central London today to call on the government to invest more money in the NHS.

NHS staff, union workers, activists, MPs, and celebrities took part in the march from Gower Street to Downing Street to call on Theresa May and Health and Social Care Secretary Jeremy Hunt to take action on the current NHS crisis.

Last November, NHS chief Simon Stevens asked the government for an extra £4 billion but the Conservatives only gave £1.6 billion, less than half the investment needed.

The “Fix it Now” protest, arranged by pressure groups The People’s Assembly and Health Campaigns Together, saw the likes of Labour’s shadow secretary for health Jonathan Ashworth and actor Ralf Little give powerful speeches to vast crowds who chanted “No ifs, no buts, no NHS cuts”.

Below is a gallery from today’s protest.

Labour’s Shadow Secretary for Health and Social Care leads the march

Protesters march past Trafalgar Square

NHS nurses took to the streets to fight for the NHS

Three young activists hold a ‘people not profit sign’

A protester expresses her thanks to NHS staff

Two young girls hold up anti-Jeremy Hunt banners

A creative activist’s Richard Branson placard

Another creative anti-Jeremy Hunt banner on display


Why tens of thousands marched to protect the NHS:


Labour reveal damning Tory catalogue of child health failures & cancelled NHS children’s operations

These are the privateers profiting from privatising the NHS – Virgin are just the tip of the scalpel!

Stephen Hawking joins fight to prevent Jeremy Hunt privatising the NHS


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