Saudi Arabia accused of kidnapping Buthaina Al Rimi in twisted “film making” plot

The war in Yemen has taken a fresh twist after extraordinary claims emerged that Saudi government agents infiltrated a humanitarian charity to kidnap the most high profile face of the Yemen conflict, Buthaina Al Rimi.

Mohammad Ali Houthi, President of the high commissioner the revolutionary Houthis, has exclusively confirmed to The London Economic that Al Rimi has been kidnapped from care after she became the face of an international appeal to end the war in Yeman.

On Monday Sama Ahmed from the charity Sky Humanity Foundation called a press conference in which she stated a man called Fouad Thabet Al Mansouri contacted them in order to make a film about the massacre of Buthaina’s family in which 16 family members were killed and 16 injured including Buthaina herself, whose battered face went viral and caused a global outcry with Holland and Canada leading calls for an immediate investigation into war crimes in Yemen by the Saudi Coalition.

Two competing resolutions – one by Saudi Arabia and other Arab states and another by Canada and the Netherlands – have been proposed on how to best document the human rights violations in Yemen. The resolutions are shaping up as the main diplomatic showdown on the Human Rights Council session that ends this Friday, and could have been the reason for the kidnapping of Buthaina .

Sama Ahmede stated that after winning the trust of her charity under the guise of a film maker working for the Peacemaker Foundation an introduction was made to Buthaina family and filming stated with her uncle and his wife and children at the city of Demt.

Fouad stated he wanted to visit his family whilst he was in the area and shortly afterwards the family were caught in an ambush with 16 Saudi vehicles and spirited away to Riyadh where propaganda images of Buthaina were taken and distributed with her sitting with an unknown man looking well under the Saudi Arabia flag.

In a further twist to this story Buthaina’s uncle posted on Facebook an appeal for help confirming that he had NOT sold Buthaina to the Saudi but was Kidnapped and wants to get home to Yemen

The extraordinary kidnap took place on the very day a protest was taking place outside the Saudi Arabian Embassy in London in opposition to the sale of UK arms to Saudi Arabia and to highlight the kidnapping of student Hisham Al Omeisy and an increasing number of civil rights activist.

The Saudi secret service has been alleged to be involved with the kidnapping of four Saudi prince in Europe who have been outspoken and critical of the Saudi leadership.

For more on this Story follow the hashtag #SaudiKidnapButhaina

The Saudi Government have been asked for a response but have yet to reply 


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