Ryanair Staff Told To Cancel Time Off To Campaign For Remain-in-EU Event

Ryanair staff have been told to cancel time off, put on uniforms and be present for today’s Remain-in-EU even at Stansted Airport, according to Robert Peston.

Political journalists have been summoned to the airport by vocal pro-Europe campaigner Michael O’Leary, who is expected to deliver more scaremongering tactics to keep Britain in the European Union.

The Ryanair boss has already warned that the budget airline would withdraw investment in Britain if its opts to leave the EU and would switch some of their existing UK investment into other European counties.

George Osborne was joined on stage by Vince Cable and Ed Balls in a blast-from-the-past line-up.

He was reported to say: “Next the Leave campaign will be accusing us of faking the Moon landings and kidnapping Shergar”

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