Russian exile who was ally of Putin critic found dead in London

A Russian exile who was an ally of fierce Putin critic Boris Berezovsky has been found dead in his London home, according to friends.

Nikolai Glushkov was discovered by his family and friends late last night, aged 68.

The cause of death is not yet clear.

Glushkov’s close friend Berezovsky was found dead at his ex-wife’s home in March 2013 in an apparent suicide, although the coroner recorded an open verdict.

Speaking to the Guardian at the time Glushkov said he was extremely sceptical Berezovsky had died of natural causes.

He said: “I’m definite Boris was killed. I have quite different information from what is being published in the media.”

He also noted that a large number of Russian exiles including Berezovsky, and Berezovsky’s close friend Alexander Litvinenko, had died under mysterious circumstances.

“Boris was strangled. Either he did it himself or with the help of someone. [But] I don’t believe it was suicide,” Glushkov said.


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