‘Runaway prime minister’ must admit Brexit deal is dead, says Corbyn

‘The Labour leader believes the PM has demeaned her office after delaying a vote on her Brexit deal.

May has spent the day stampeding around Europe trying to get concessions in her deal, hoping it would ensure it gets through Parliament.

Opening an emergency Commons debate Corbyn told MPs that May should immediately put the plan before parliament.

Corbyn said: “Yesterday the prime minister demeaned her office by unilaterally taking her discredited deal off the table and running away rather than face the verdict of this house.”

“This is no longer a functioning government and the prime minister must admit her deal is dead. Her shambolic negotiations have ended in failure and she no longer has the authority to negotiate for Britain when she doesn’t even have the authority of her own party.”

Corbyn said the PM, was the “runaway prime minister,” looking for warm words from other European leaders.

He continued: “This isn’t strong and stable government, it’s weak leadership from a weak prime minister.

“If she comes back with nothing more than warm words then she must immediately put her deal before this house. No more delays, no more tricks: let parliament take back control.”

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