Revoke Article 50 petition soars past 500,000 signatures

A petition calling for Theresa May to revoke Article 50 has picked up more than 500,000 signatures in the past 24 hours following a night of political chaos in Westminster.

The Prime Minister took aim at her fellow MPs last night, saying they are responsible for the impasse over Brexit.

Holding her nerve once again she confirmed that there would not be a change of course and that she would “work night and day” to persuade MPs to vote for the unpopular Withdrawal Deal she has secured.

But moments after the speech was delivered a petition set up by Margaret Anne Georgiadou went viral online.

This morning well over half a million people had put their signatures to it, with many suggesting a million is well within sight.

Petitions which reach 100,000 signatures are almost always debated, but this is unlikely to occur before the UK’s exit, currently timed for 11pm on 29 March.

However with hundreds of thousands of people expected to march in the capital this weekend it could add to the significant pressure being faced by the government to revoke the exit clause.

At the time of writing 589,000 people have signed the petition, with the million signature mark likely to be hit before midday.

Update: the petition is already at over 640,000 and occasionally crashing due to the amount of people signing:

4 Responses

  1. Robert Jones

    I think that the sign ‘sign this….’ tab ought to indicate acceptance/conf after you press the sign tab, because it is otherwise impossible to be sure one’s signature has been received.

  2. Jeremy Price

    Note: You can’t ‘sign’ the ‘petition at the top of this page. It’s a copy of the actual petition. You need to Click on the words in blue ‘A petition…’ at the very beginning of the article above and it will take you directly to the actual petition.

  3. Rhett Costin

    If you get a email from ‘Petitions: UK Government and Parliament ‘ requesting you to click a link for confirmation of your signature, then click it – it’s genuine. If your signature has already been added it will tell you and you cannot sign again. So unless you get this rebuttal, please keep trying to sign. Try this link if you are having problems…

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