Regions that will be hardest hit by Brexit were the ones most likely to vote for it

The Brexit vote has been likened to “turkeys voting for Christmas” after it was revealed the hardest hit areas were the ones most likely to vote for it.

A leaked government study detailing economic forecasts of how regions will fare over the next 15 years revealed most regions will be worse off after Britain leaves the EU, but some will fare worse than others.

Ironically, the West Midlands and the North East, which voted overwhelmingly to leave the EU, are set to loose out the most regardless of how the negotiations play out.

London, which voted heavily to remain, is expected to have the least negative impact.

Labour’s shadow Brexit minister Paul Blomfield has said: “These figures are further evidence of why the Tories must rethink their reckless approach to the Brexit negotiations.

“The final Brexit deal with the EU must work for every region and nation of the UK, protecting people’s jobs and local economies.

“That is why Labour has been clear from the outset that the Government should seek a deal that retains the economic benefits of our current membership with the EU.

“Options for achieving that should not have been swept off the negotiating table, including being in a customs union with our largest trading partner.”

This table shows the economic effect of different Brexit scenarios on UK regions of over a 15 years period:

East Midlands -1.8% -5% -8.5%
Eastern -1.8% -5% -8%
London -1% -2% -3.5%
North-East -3% -11% -16%
North-West -2.5% -8% -12%
South-East -1.5% -4.5% -7.5%
South-West -1% -2% -5%
West Midlands -2.5% -8% -13%
Yorkshire and Humber -1.5% -5% -7%
Northern Ireland -2.5% -8% -12%
Scotland -2.5% -6% -9%
Wales -1.5% -5.5% -9.5%
UK -2% -5% -8%


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