Rare man of integrity, Colin Murray, quits Talk Sport

ColinMurrayThis month we’ve had to bare witness to some pretty murky goings on; a political merry-go-round, public backstabbing, public frontstabbing, smear campaigns, etc, etc.  Isn’t it refreshing to see someone truly standing up for their principles and acting with a degree of integrity.

Sports radio presenter Colin Murray yesterday announced that he will be leaving talkSPORT and abandoning his hugely popular sports show following the news that the station has been bought-out by News Corp, who also own The Sun newspaper.

pp-hillsborough-sun-frontColin, who is a lifelong fan of Liverpool Football Club, said that while there were “parts of News Corp. that aren’t a problem” he was concerned about the “inevitable future working relationship between talkSPORT and The Sun”.

Many Liverpool supporters and residents of the city were left upset and angry at The Sun’s news coverage of the Hillsborough disaster in 1989, which left 96 supporters dead, and 766 injured.  The Sun inaccurately blamed fans for the tragedy. Although former editor Kelvin MacKenzie has since apologised, it is seen as far too little, far too late.  Anger remains towards the newspaper for publishing the story.

Here is the full Twitter statement from Murray:


It will be a huge loss to talkSPORT who recently offered Murray a new contract stretching until 2019. For many, Colin Murray’s relaxed and ‘bants’ filled show is perfect light entertainment for weekday morning and has the feel of hanging out with your mates in the pub.  Whilst others may find the show ‘average’ at best, you can’t argue with the listening figures.

Good for you Colin and thanks for reaffirming my faith in the human race after everything else that has been going on in the last few weeks. Not everyone is a greedy self-serving git.

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