Radio presenter who said “I hate polls” told he was being racist – by a caller who thought he meant Polish people

A radio presenter who said “I hate polls” was called live on air and told he was being racist – by a caller who thought he meant Polish people.

Mike Graham was presenting his talkRADIO morning show when he remarked he didn’t like voting polls

But an irate caller, known only as Michael from New Malden, rang to give Mike a piece of his mind.

He thought he’d said he hated ‘Poles’.

Mike was forced to point out that he was actually referring to political surveys – and even had to play the radio broadcast back to him.

Michael from New Malden (MNM) rang in and said: “You said that you don’t like Polish people, you said you don’t trust them.

Mike Graham (MG) said: “That’s not what I said.”

MNM: “Yes, that’s what you said.”

MG: “No, you must have misheard me. I like Polish people a lot. Have a listen to what I said. Listen to this.”

The recording plays: ” I don’t like polls.”

Mike Graham: “I wasn’t talking about Polish people, I was talking about polls.

”You know, when you do a poll to see what people think. You know, like they say 55% of people vote remain 45% vote leave that’s a poll.”

MNM: “Later on you said you don’t trust them.”

MG: “I don’t trust them either, that’s true, I don’t trust polls. I don’t like polls because I don’t trust them but that’s not Polish people.”

MNM: “That’s what I thought, that’s what I picked up.”

MG: “I’m terribly sorry. Listen, I would never say anything like that.”

MNM: “In this case, I never learned English.”

MG: “It’s fine. I’m very glad you called in because I wouldn’t want you walking around thinking that Mike Graham is a horrible bigot – he doesn’t like Polish people.”

MNM: “I was thinking what the hell what’s going on here, I must call in and explain a few things.”

By John Bett

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