Rachel Riley Models Cars Of The Future Ahead Of Shell Eco-Marathon

Countdown’s Rachel Riley modelled a potential car of the future ahead of the Shell Eco-Marathon in London.

The vehicles, weighing in at just 30kg, were designed by students competing in the world’s longest running student competition, Shell Eco-marathon, where vehicles are measured on how far they can travel on just a litre of fuel. The current record is 3771km/l – the equivalent of travelling from London to Helsinki and back!

Rachel Riley in car of the future

This year,the marathon will be showcased at Make the Future London – a festival of ideas and innovation taking place a Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park from June 30 to July 3.

The competition challenges students to design and build ultra-energy efficient cars, then drive them on a purpose-built track to see which can travel the furthest on the least amount of energy.

With over 230 European teams entered to take part, competition is expected to be fierce. For the third consecutive year, University College London are stepping up to the plate to build a brand new car. Team Hydrone will take to the track with their hydrogen prototype vehicle, Hydrone AB3.

Rachel Riley with SEM engineering students

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