Question Time audience member has gone viral after nailing Theresa May and Brexit

Footage of an audience member on Question Time destroying Theresa May’s attempts at leadership has gone viral. She said why she did not feel sorry for the prime minister and just less than 2 minutes managed to pull apart May, who is no longer looking very “strong and stable”.

She said: “Could we get over feeling sorry for Theresa May? I don’t feel sorry for her.

“She’s the woman who for many, many years has led the hostile environment for migrants in this country resulting in the Windrush generation.

“It’s a disgrace.

“She’s the person who created her very specific red lines on immigration which created the negotiation mess we are in.

“She triggered Article 50 when she had no plan.

“And as for criticising the EU on this, there are 27 other countries in the EU – they have been completely united on this.

“We don’t even have a cabinet that can unite and definitely a government that isn’t in control of the process.

“They are a body of rules and regulations and they’re not going to break that when it’s the most successful single market in the world.

“We’re going to lose all of that and it’s ridiculous for us with our hopeless government – who cannot get it together to actually work out what the will of the people is today in 2019 – to blame the EU and go round feeling sorry for themselves.”


Mystery posters are trolling politicians with their own words

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4 Responses

  1. Geoff Beresford

    I refuse to be manipulated into agreeing to a second referendum. Some of us are not as stupid or as blind as the majority of the public seem to be. In one way or another, all the prevaricating is part of the strategy to keep us tied to the EU and it hasn’t gone unnoticed. I don’t give a toss who is PM or which party is in government, the main reason for me for voting to leave was to put a stop in some way to the ongoing plans of the global ruling elite to bring about their ultimate goal of a one-world-government headed by the Rothschild family. To put it politely, no thank you.

    1. Sheila Lam

      Why would you ever have wanted to leave the EU? What a load of money has been wasted on this foolish project. It makes no sense on any level. I honestly don’t understand the mentality of Brexiters, but I’m certain they read right-wing xenophobic newspapers like the Sun, The Daily Mail, the Express, The Telegraph, and have been brainwashed by their lies. I wonder how many Brexiters are aware that their hero Winston Churchill was very much in favour of a European Union because he’d seen at first hand what happens when European nations fall out.

  2. Sarah Newton

    How about putting a “Cancel Brexit – it makes literally no sense” option in your poll? Otherwise it feels a little bit too much like you’re trying to control the discourse by limiting our options.

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