Queen visit to Grenfell Tower rubbishes Theresa May’s security concerns

The Queen has today met with residents of Grenfell Tower a day after Theresa May avoided them due to security concerns.

Her majesty met with local residents and community representatives along with the Duke of Cambridge, as well as paying tribute to the “brave” firefighters and the “incredible generosity” of volunteers now offering support.

Yesterday the Prime Minister was accused of failing to show humanity after she spoke with emergency service crews during a visit to the site but refused to meet any survivors of the tragedy and blocked media access.

Credit poured in for Jeremy Corbyn’s statesmanlike response to the Grenfell Tower disaster which has claimed at least 17 lives and left hundreds of people homeless.

The Labour leader was pictured at the scene today hugging victims of the tragedy and meeting with local resident at St Clement’s Church in west London.

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  1. Tom Wintringham

    Arrest the Queen on a charge of mass manslaughter!
    Arrest Prince William and the royal family as the Queen’s accomplices, partners in crime!
    “Corporate manslaughter” – agreed and well said David Lammy MP!
    But the guilty corporations include THE CROWN corporation.The kingdom itself has committed manslaughter.Her Majesty’s Government itself has committed manslaughter.
    “arrests must be made” – agreed and well said again David Lammy MP! (I am beginning to like this guy! LOL)
    The Queen must be arrested.The Prime Minister must be arrested.
    How can this be done? How can we, the people, arrest the kingdom’s officials who are the government who do the arresting, prosecuting and jailing of criminals?
    We can make a start by never again singing “God Save THE QUEEN”.We should be singing “God Save THE PEOPLE”.
    The whole focus of this United Kingdom is saving the Queen, making sure she and HER family don’t burn to death in a house fire.
    The rest of us are EXPENDABLE and many are forced to live in DEATH TRAPS.

    The exterior of Grenfell Tower was originally concrete which doesn’t burn.
    Then some idiot official decided to copy the dangerous fashion of cladding the building with polyethylene cored cosmetic cladding, which is very combustible, which constitutes a very dangerous fire hazard.
    Now the same money that was spent turning the outside of the tower into a bonfire waiting to be lit could more competently have been spent on water sprinklers inside the building, leaving the exterior in the original concrete.
    So it is not all to do with “the money” but as much or more to do with the incompetent way money is spent and the inability of public safety campaigners to campaign in freedom, not being allowed to protest against such incompetence because our protests are arrested by the fascist police state.
    In this kingdom, any public safety campaigner can be subject to arrest, imprisonment, being sacked, having benefits sanctioned, being sectioned in a mental hospital, being left destitute and dying from the cold sleeping rough.
    There is no rule of law, only rule by the Queen’s courts and police who impose a fascist dictatorship which arrests and punishes anyone doing their duty to protest against dangerous official decisions.
    It’s time to ARREST THE QUEEN, overthrow the kingdom and establish a republic where we can elect a president who will SAVE THE PEOPLE!

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