Pull the other one! Liam Fox claims EU trade deal after Brexit should be ‘easiest in history’

Delusional Liam Fox has told BBC Radio that the Brexit deal with the EU will be the easiest in history. As it is the first time anyone has left the EU that could literally be true, I guess.

He told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that: “The free trade agreement that we will have to do with the European Union should be one of the easiest in human history.

“We are already beginning with zero tariffs, and we are already beginning at the point of maximal regulatory equivalence, as it is called. In other words, our rules and our laws are exactly the same.”

He did concede that making a deal would probably not be easy in practice. Fox said: “The only reason that we wouldn’t come to a free and open agreement is because politics gets in the way of economics.”

Fox then ruled out the UK continuing to be a member of the single market or customs union. Fox said: “You cannot leave the European Union and be in the single market or the customs union, they are EU legal entities.

“That’s the legal definition – if you are out of the European Union, you are not in the single market or the customs union.”

Asked about his future and of the PM, who is under increasing pressure with numerous leaks rom Cabinet meetings, Fox said: “I think the prime minister is likely to be there for the rest of this parliament. I think she has the support of her colleagues in the House of Commons,” he said.

“I think she has a mandate to be the prime minister. I don’t think there is anything to be gained by speculation about leadership.

“We’ve got a job to do, a historic task and that’s what we should concentrate upon, and to be diverted into personality issues doesn’t either do the Conservative party, the government or the country any good.”

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