Public Gets Cameron’s Dirty Tax Dealings “In Instalments”

The full extent of PM David Cameron’s dodgy tax dealings are been leaked to the public “in installments”, according to Deputy Leader of the Labour Party Tom Watson.

Cameron came clean about his tax affairs yesterday after dodging questions for nearly a week.  The revelations show:

– The PM and his wife bought in to the Panama-incorporated Blairmore fund to the tune of 5,000 units.

– The pair sold the stake for an almost three-fold return before Cameron entered No. 10.

– Cameron dodged paying capital gains tax on their Blairmore stake because their profit was just below the threshold for couples of £20,200.

– The £300,000 the Prime Minster inherited when his father died was just below the £325,000 threshold at which inheritance tax was due.

Protests have been arranged outside Downing Street on Saturday by campaigners calling for the PMs head.  Earlier this week Iceland’s Prime Minister stepped down following similar protests.

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