Prominent Brexiteer John Redwood advises investors to avoid Britain

Prominent Brexiteer John Redwood advised investors to avoid Britain this weekend as the country’s economy “hits the brakes”.

Before the vote Redwood advised that the “economic gains of leaving the EU will be considerable”.

But as the economy hits stormy waters this weekend he advised investors to look elsewhere – namely the European Central Bank in an article he penned titled “Look further afield as the UK hits the brakes.”

Bank of England governor Mark Carney this weekend argued that Britain’s economy would be “booming” if not for Brexit.

Speaking to Peston on Sunday he said the economy “should really be booming, but it’s just growing.

“I think we know why that’s the case, because they’re waiting to see the nature of the deal with the European Union.

“It’s the most important investment destination and [businesses] need to know transition and end state, everybody knows this, the government knows it and is working on it, UK businesses know it and the Europeans know it.”


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  1. We haven’t left the EU yet and the constant dithering by Theresa Maybe and endless attempts to subvert the democratic will of the electorate creating uncertainty are taking their toll. We just need to get out as soon as possible, put an end to the uncertainty, ride out the shockwave and start reaping the benefits.

      1. Doug b

        The staus quo wasn’t an option so no quite the balderdash you say. National Governments are being sidelined to becoming local councils by the EU -and not with treaty changes but by stealth and pushing the boundaries of existing treaties beyond there intended use. The “super” state approaches; now that’s the real destabilizing effect in Europe not Brexit. Stuart Parr is correct uncertainty is friend to no-one except the EU and moaning remainers .

    1. Martin D Frampton

      Stuart, care to itemise just what are all those benefits, over and above what we have whilst in the E U ..Please,.. don’t don’t embarrass yourself by repeating that asinine piece of rhetoric.. Take back control. We lost that when William the Conk landed in 1066. Tell us how the CBI supports your hard brexit t statement, how the NFU supports your statement, the TUC or the Motor manufacturers and traders and every PM back to Maggie the 1st says lets have a cold hard brexit ………and drown

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