Pro-Trump accounts tried to frame left-wing activist for Las Vegas shooting

Pro-Trump accounts spent hours trying to frame left-wing activist Geary Danley for the shootings in Las Vegas, saying he was a “liberal targeting Trump supporters”.

Police say at least 50 people are dead and more than 200 injured following a terrorist attack in Nevada.

The attacker fired on concertgoers on the strip and has since been shot dead. The gunman has been named as 64-year-old local Stephen Paddock.

But several pro-Trump accounts tried to frame Danley before police confirmed the identification of the gunman.

They described him as “left wing progressive, registered Democrat, Rachel Maddow fan and anti-Trump”.

Russian “bots” have been blamed for trying to frame Danley, spreading posts on social media before verified sources confirmed the shooter was Paddock.

However confusion could have originated for searches for Marilou Danley, the shooter’s companion, who is the girlfriend of Stephen Paddock.

This thread from Buzzfeed Deputy Global News Director Ryan Broderick is well worth reading in full:


Las Vegas shooting death toll rises – what we know so far about US deadliest mass shooting

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  1. Tj

    B.S. stop lying. No one “tried” to frame him. It was a mistake made during early am hours by a bunch of people investigating online. The only malice intent has been from the shooter and democrats on a witch hunt.

  2. The police never described him as that. Only a true moron would think that’s how the police describe people. From every indication he was a conservative. He made millions investing in real estate, he loved guns, he had a gun collection, he went hunting and fishing, he lived and worked in Texas and other red states, that really sounds like a liberal to you?

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