Pro-Corbyn union chief suspended by Labour Party

A key ally for Jeremy Corbyn, Ronnie Draper, has been cast out of the Labour Party, supposedly for comments made on social media, which have not been reported at this present time.

Draper, from the Bakers, Food and allied Workers Union, which has around twenty thousand members took to social media to vent his frustration at being suspended from the Party he has been a member of all his life.

The Labour Party has not commented as they do not discuss NEC (National executive committee) decisions about single members.

Mr Draper is vocal in his support for Jeremy Corbyn, especially on social media, but something he has said appears to have crossed a line, in the eyes of the Labour party.

Currently the Labour Party is sifting through 180,000 new members to ensure they are not part of other groups. If they are found to associated with organisations the Labour Party deem unsuitable, their memberships might be revoked. On social media a number of people have complained they have not received their ballot yet to vote for the next leader of the Labour party.

The Party has already been to the high court to appeal against new members joining the party, but that was over ruled and new members will still be allowed to participate the leadership contest. Corbyn’s campaign team called the appeal decision wrong, “both legally and democratically”.

This news will anger Corbyn supporters, especially as he is currently under a lot of media pressure over “traingate” and whether he could get a seat or not on a train journey to Newcastle from London. Corbyn supporters have said that the media has become fixated with this story and not allowed the Labour leader a chance to talk about his policies. He attempted to talk about full nationalisation of the NHS, but was cajoled into discussing his train journey instead.

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