Presidential Flip Flops launched that “go back on your word one step at a time”

A new line of presidential flip flops has been launched allowing Americans to celebrate Trump’s tendency to go back on his word.

The flip flops include tweets from his infamous profile which contradict each other, with opposing views split between the left and right foot.

Punters are then encouraged to moonwalk with the footwear on in an attempt to emulate the President.

The novelty gifts come in three editions – the electoral college edition, the Syria edition and the sources edition – all to represent the times Trump has backtracked on the things he’s said previously in public.

The big sellers are expected to be the former flip flops – which sport “The electoral college is a disaster for a democracy” on the right and “The electoral college is actually genius” on the left.

Syria editions of the shoes can also be purchased with “Do not attack Syria” on the right and “Congratulations on the Syria attack” on the left.

The sources shoes are also likely to be popular, with “don’t believe “sources said”” on the right and “an extremely credible source told me” on the left.

Check out the full collection here.


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